Ushering in the New Year with home improvements
With a new year ahead of us, many of us are beginning to think ahead of how we can make this year more fruitful, exciting, and better than last year. When it comes to our homes, which usually are a never ending home improvement project, there is never a shortage of finding something which needs polish or improvement. As you browse and look around at websites, magazines you will find everything you need to set the perfect staging look for the home.  In just the same spirit, we are always in a season of plenty when it comes to offering you an unmatched selection of premium pure copper and aluminum rain chains. From rain chains to accessories, we have got you covered in offering you everything you need to create a dramatic look for your home. Whether you are starting over or just refining what you’ve got, we offer contemporary, traditional, floral pattern, bold and streamlined link rain chains to coordinate with your homes structural design. With over 40 styles of rain chains to choose from, coming home has never been more exciting.  With 2015 long gone, we decided to round out the top 3 rain chain landscape visualizations of the year in an effort to review, recollect, and set the blueprint for new standards and goals for the New Year. Zen Retreat One of the most popular ways to landscape with a rain chain is to incorporate a Zen topography/backdrop. The way this is done is by incorporating a few simple design elements. A Zen garden unlike typical gardens as we know them consists of a dry landscape. Flowers are not commonly found in Zen retreats. Muted color variations are used instead to create an atmosphere of relaxation. For many parts of the U.S. struggling with drought conditions, low water planting beds are ideal and quite simple to do. These plants require little water and adapt to the natural climate. Going to your local nursery and picking up native plants are a good way to start. Incorporating large succulents create focal points for your landscape and make a more dramatic look. This can be done by planting them into the ground or in container arrangements. And of course, no Zen garden is complete without the use of rocks, quartz gravel or other variations of stones. Square or stone pavers are also another popular way of creating a Zen retreat, by creating a straight or curved path amidst a sea of gravel or sand in between. Creating a lounge space, such as an outdoor room is a way to further expand the Zen like space, incorporating seating areas, benches, and comfortable lounge pillows. If your budget permits, incorporate a small pond like water feature and select a space in your yard for your Zen retreat that is tucked away from other activities that normally take place in your yard.

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