Design Concept of the Future
I am a contractor and working on a housing project in a brand new beautiful community in the east coast and had been browsing through Monarch website for some time and was excited to see a website dedicated to offering nothing but copper rain chains in beautiful designs. I have experience in landscape design along with 2 of my partners and have been doing this for the past 10 years. It really is a fairly new concept however I’ve been handling a lot more requests regarding gutter chains over the past few years. I recently took on this project in a housing community, forgoing the traditional gutter downspouts and replacing them with rain chains. These homes are two stories so we needed some pretty long chains to make it work. Since these are energy efficient homes with lots of great amenities and not your average standard home, we decided to add a lot of unconventional items in the home and the idea of rain chains seemed like a perfect addition to these homes. A concern of ours was that the rain chains come in a standard length so that meant we would have to put two together to make it work. I wanted to inquire about the pricing and asked the gentleman if he offered bulk discounts and I was really relieved to know that they do offer special case pricing. We had about 30 homes to build so we knew it would get a bit expensive. We went with the aluminum black double ring chains for the homes and decided to add two of them together to complete the length it required. I received a special bulk pricing since I would be purchasing quite a few for the project. The quality is superb and impressed with the black matte finish on it. We are excited for the project to be completed and several of the future residents are excited about them as well. They can’t wait to see the completed look! Richard Dean | Raleigh, NC

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