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Monarch Rain Chains newest introduction of rain chain anchoring stakes is another practical solution for your rain chain that is a part of our growing collection of accessories. The anchoring stake was created to collaborate together with the rain chain to help keep it firmly in place. Because certain geographical areas experience heavier rainfall and windy conditions, anchoring the rain chain will serve as a way to securely keep the rain chain in place and provide a stable balance.

The anchoring stakes are designed to pierce easily into the ground. Each stake has been constructed with a swirl body to securely penetrate it into ground. It is assembled with a pointed end to be drilled easily into the soil. The top end of each stake is fashioned with a flat surface to accommodate those who wish to mallet the stake down into the soil. 

The stake extends 12”inches long and comes with a 12” inch chain link to connect the end of your rain chain to the chain.  

The stakes is available in two colors:  Black powder coated iron with a stainless steel chain link 

Brown powder coated iron stake with a pure copper chain link. 

The anchoring stake provides a no fuss way to secure your rain chain and comes equipped with everything you need to properly anchor your rain chain. It causes no intrusions to your existing landscape since it is embedded into the ground . 

As a precaution, when connecting the anchoring stake to the rain chain, be sure to not pull down on the rain chain and place pressure on the rain chain and gutter as this can cause damage to your rain chain and/or gutter. 


Choice of Material- Copper

Copper rain chains are an exceptional choice of material since they are rich is luster and last a life-time.  Awareness is growing on lowering our consumption of plastic and other man made materials, so a copper is definitely a material of choice for the consumer. Copper is a highly recyclable material making it an environmentally responsive and safe choice.

  • Rain chains are made of 100% pure untreated copper material.
  • Copper is 100% recyclable and a natural resource
  • Copper is a highly recyclable material with the majority of copper being recovered from recycled material than from a newly mined ore.
  • Copper lasts a lifetime and more

How much water can a rain chain control?

If you wish to be entertained by a more visual experience, we recommend a link style rain chain. However, in areas of heavy downfall we suggest purchasing a large or X-large cup style to efficiently  and effectively control most of the rainfall. Some splashing is to be seen as a natural occurrence.

Does a rain chain work properly in areas of heavy snow fall?

This is a usual concern among homeowners especially those living in parts of the east coast who experienced record snow fall earlier this year. Given necessary precautions are considered and exercised, rain chains have the ability to withstand heavy snow storms. In addition, the outcome is usually one of a marvelous sight as ice formations accumulate overnight producing a beautiful sight. We strongly suggest strengthening your gutters before installing your rain chain to effectively control the extra weight.

Anchoring your Rain Chain

As experience shows it is recommended that all rain chains be properly anchored most suitably in areas of high winds. A popular method of anchoring your rain chain is through our pure copper anchoring basins equipped with all necessary hardware to appropriately anchor it down and weighing it down with heavy rocks.

Our customers are innovative and have also attached a fish line at the end of the rain chain and staked it to the ground.

Can the length of a rain chain be increased or decreased if necessary ?

Our rain chains are standard 8.5 ft. lengths of which 8 ft is the length of the rain chain and the triangular copper clip is 5-6”. In case longer length is required you can consider purchasing a complimenting 3 ft. extension which is available in 7 selects styles. However if you need a longer length you could purchase 2 rain chains and use a pair of pliers to alter the length.  DO NOT PAY THE EXCESSIVE PRICE PER FOOT charged by some websites. Take advantage of our unbelievably low prices and alter the length to suit your requirement.

Our Returns Policy

Monarch Rain Chains has a sensible no-nonsense returns policy. If you find you are not adequately satisfied with your item, you may return your unused rain chain within a 30 day window of your purchase. You will receive the credited amount in the original method in which you paid. There is a small restocking fee  of 10% which will be applied prior to the return. You may avoid a re-stocking fee if you decide to exchange it for another style or item.

Optimal performance with Decorative Appeal

Rain chains make use of its unique structure to make a bold, visual appeal. A rain chains main objective is to successfully transport rain water from your gutter and operate as a downspout. With its enhanced features of bold cup styles and designs, the arrangement of cups linked throughout the 8.5 foot length of the chain allows the rain fall to move effectively down the entire length. As the water makes its way down, it enters and exits like it does in a regular gutter downspout. An enhanced experience is made possible through its open structure allowing you to encounter the sights and sounds of the water traveling down in a cascading manner.

  • Rain chains come in a variety of sizes and styles to choose from.
  • Link style arrangements in contemporary and traditional designs.
  • Floral ensembles available with select styles offering extension pieces.
  • A budget friendly and manageable way of giving your exterior an upgrade.
  • Rain chains add a sense of tranquility and calm to the home environment.

Monarch Rain Chains has been in the business of offering high quality rain chains since early 2000. The demand of eco-friendly functional and visually appealing decorative items for the home prompted us to offer an extensive line of classic, decorative and contemporary rain chains for every taste. Since the beginning, we have successfully served thousands of distinct and very happy customers extending all across the globe. Our core interest has been our customers and will continue to be so. We seek to serve  and satisfy their needs by continuously offering a variety of rain chains that conform to their needs.

Our customer is top priority

Our mission has been and continues to be one of providing customers with a collection of suitable rain chains that conform to their flairs, tastes and needs. As a result, we are continuously working to introduce new concepts at reasonable prices. Stay ahead of promotions and sales by visiting our Facebook page. Be on the lookout for trends, articles and tips on keeping your garden and landscape in top condition.