About us

Monarch Abode can trace it roots back to the 1970's and has been synonymous with high-quality, high-value home and garden products ever since.  Our product design and manufacturing process has been carefully perfected over the past four decades.


  • Firstly, we view our collection not as a snap shot in time but rather as an evolution of our consumer tastes.  As such, we are always looking for new ways to help our customers enrich their lives within and outside their home.
  • Secondly, our products are made with the highest quality metals, including our preferred pure heavy gauge copper that we feature in our popular Monarch Rain Chains, our Monarch Garden Tools collections as well as our Wind Chimes. 


At Monarch Abode we insist on manufacturing and assembling our products with as much human touch points as possible.  We also believe in giving back to the community where we create our products by employing skilled local artisans to create our high-quality products. Most importantly, we believe that customer service does not stop at helping you decide which of our items are right for you, we also want to make sure that our products are properly installed and we offer maintenance tips and suggestions so that our customers may enjoy their Monarch Abode products for years to come.

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