About Rain Chains

Rain chains are a functional and elegant replacement for conventional downspouts. 

All our rain chains are made of copper and come in a standard length of 8.5ft which includes the triangular hanger and installation instructions are included with every rain chain.   Insert the triangular hanger into your existing rain gutter drain hole or alternately if you are using it as a focal point place it in a corner eave of your home and watch the mesmerizing motion of water cascading from cup to cup.

Should you require more length, we recommend you purchase a connector ring which can be used to combine rain chains, and also to connect to our pure copper hammered anchoring basin to provide further stability.

Our cup style floral and contemporary rain chains have a wider mouth to capture most of the rainwater and this tapers down to a small aperture/ opening  to facilitate a smooth flow of water and reduce water splashing. Monarch rain chains has the Largest Assortment of rain chain styles and we hope you will find one which perfectly fits the architectural style of your home.  We have several X-Large cups rain chains which are best suited in high rainfall-density area.

In areas of medium to heavy snowfall we highly recommend  you strengthen your gutters with our new Copyright Gutter Adaptor kit ©  which also includes aredebris collector ©.   Our cross bar debris collector captures most of the larger debris and does not allow it to run down the length of the rain chain and it is a cinch to clean !

The pure copper gutter plate along with our gutter adaptor and debris collector cross bar forms a Perfect Assembly and ensures your gutter is strengthened to handle the weight of the rainchain when it is weighed down with heavy rainfall or some snow. 
We also recommend our Pure copper link style rainchains versus cup styles in areas of medium to heavy snow. 
Please bear in mind, that in areas of heavy snow we recommend it is best if you remove your rainchains OR alternately use a Meltwire to melt the snow.
An architectural accent is added to your home by simply installing a copper rain chain.  They add personality to your home or garden and the tinkling sound of water as it runs down the length of the copper rain chain is a visual treat.
In today’s world where there is scarcity of water we highly recommend “water harvesting”…collection of rain water into a barrel or large container for further reuse.

Installation guide :

The 5” triangular hanger is designed to sit in the rain gutter over the drain hole where the downspout was and helps direct the flow of water into the rain chain.

We highly recommend you follow our installation instructions to properly anchor the copper rain chain…The rain chain installation option by Monarch rain chains has been tested and increases rain chain stability and prevents water splashing. Anchoring works best especially in areas of wind and excessive cold.