Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order by phone?

You may order by telephone by calling us at (909) 606-2880. Have your credit card on hand when you are ready to place your order. For your security, your credit card information does not get stored on our system. No sales personnel have access to your credit card information. 


When Will I Receive My Refund After I Return The Goods? 

Once we receive your return to our warehouse, it takes about 48 hours to process the return. Once the process is complete, your refund will be issued. You will be notified by email through PayPal of the refund. Credit card refunds will appear on your statement in about 5 days depending on your bank. 


I Received A Damaged Item. What Happens Next?

Email us at or call us at (909) 606-2880 to let us know you received a damaged item. Please keep the original packing material and send us a photo if possible.  Have your order number ready so our team can work to resolve this matter quickly and efficiently as possible. 


May I Cancel or Modify and Order?

We offer same day shipping on all orders received by 1 pm PST. Orders received after 1 pm ship out the following day. You may contact us to cancel or modify an order before noon PST cut-off time by calling (909) 606-2880. 


Do You Have A Showroom or Store Where I Can See The Item(s) in Person?

We do not have a brick and mortar store or a showroom. All items ship from a warehouse.


I Received a Rain Chain as a Gift But It Does Not Work For My Home. Can I Exchange It?

You may return the item if unused and exchange it for another of equal value. You will need to pay the difference if exchanged item exceeds the value of the return item and pay for the shipping fee.


Can I install a rain chain without gutters?

Yes. Rain chains can be used without gutters in place. However, rain chains do function best when attached to a rain gutter. This allows a greater amount of water to flow in a more concentrated manner down into the rain chain. In instances where a gutter is absent, we recommend your rain chain be installed with proper support.


I want to lengthen my chain over the standard 8.5 feet. Can I easily connect two rain chains together? 

Yes, you can connect two rain chains together to achieve the desired length, and you can easily shorten it to the length you need with a pair of pliers. Every rain chain comes with a spare link which you may attach at the end of your rain chain. However, if you require extra spare parts, you may purchase our round connector links available in pure copper, aluminum black and mill finish aluminum. The round connector links measure 1-1.5” in diameter and can be found on our accessories page. 

Adding on an extension or another rain chain is as easy as 1-2-3.


Is Shipping Free?

We offer free shipping on qualifying orders of $150 to states within the contiguous U.S., excluding Alaska and Hawaii, where standard shipping rates apply.


How do I install a rain chain?

All our rain chains fit easily into a standard gutter opening and can be installed with the help of our triangular gutter clip without major tools.  Just check out the installation guide on our website and it’s as simple as can be. 

We highly recommend installation with our 3 pc. Gutter adaptor kit© which consists of the following:

  • Inverted top hat shaped gutter adaptor with brass bolt
  • Rectangular copper plate which sits flush
  • Cross bar filter 

The copper rectangular plate has a precut opening 2.5” diameter, but if your application calls for a larger hole it can easily be done on the plate.

 A rain chain hangs from the bolt of the gutter adaptor and ensures easier transportation of rain water from the gutter to the ground and also provides better support.


Why Copper?

All the rain chains showing on the website as pure copper rain chains are made of copper and not the plated ones you see on some websites which try and pass of copper plated ones and label them as copper finish. 

Copper is mined and is one of the most recycled materials.  It is definitely a metal of choice since it lasts a lifetime and the beauty of copper gets enhanced over time. 

Since copper is a high value material we make some styles of rain chains in aluminum a slightly inexpensive alternated to copper.

Aluminum rain chains in natural finish aluminum or black powder coated aluminum lend themselves architecturally to some modern homes or homes in areas where there are chances of theft.

They function the same way as a copper rain chain but over a period of time develop a powdery residue on the surface.


 Do you offer custom length rain chains?

Our rain chains are standard 8.5 ft. lengths of which 8 ft. is the length of the rain chain and the gutter clip is 5” or slightly more.  In case a longer length is necessary for your application we have 3 ft. extensions in 7 styles.  Check out our extensions. 

The rain chain length can be easily modified with a pair of pliers without paying the outrageous price for a custom length.  The left over cups can be hung from the bough of a tree or from your porch to add an architectural accent.

A beautiful little garden can also be created near an entry way by planting some succulents into individual cups and scattering them around.  This effort by one of our customers has been appreciated by many. 


Do winter conditions affect my rain chain?

We have posted photos of some of our rain chains taken during snow storms or post snow storms.  The weight build up on each cup is definitely something which needs to be considered prior to installation.

The gutter definitely needs to be strengthened and installation with our gutter adaptor kit© is recommended.

The icicle build up on a rain chain is definitely a vision to behold.


How to use a rain chain to recycle rain water?

There is a constant drive to conserve and reuse rain water and a rain chain is one important way this can be done.  The rain water runs down the length of the rain chain to the ground where it is collected in large barrels, ground receptacles or large containers for further re-use. 


Is there splashing associated with a rain chain?

The purpose of installation of a rain chain vs. a plastic downspout is to enjoy the visual beauty of rain water as it runs down the length of a rain chain.  Basic science tells you gravity directs the water down to the ground, but depending splashing depends upon 2 basic things;

  1. Proper installation of the rain chain with our 3 pc. Gutter adaptor kit © where the inverted top hat shaped gutter adaptor channels the flow of rain water effectively into the next cup with minimal splashing.
  2. Amount of rain fall – There will always be some extra splashing where rain fall is heavy depending upon cup size.  In areas of heavy rain we recommend purchasing an x-large cup rain chain or large cup rain chain so most of the rain water is contained.  For people who want a complete visual we highly recommend a link style rain chain.


Track a shipment:

We email the tracking number to your email address through our payment portal.  All orders received before noon are shipped the same day and tracking numbers posted.  We offer expedited shipping and pass along our shipping discounts to our customers – so in case you need the rain chain for a gift or forgot to order it early we can send it to you expedited.  Just call us and we will gladly assist you.


International Shipping:

Monarch Rain Chains ships promptly within the United States and Internationally.  Within the U.S we ship via Fedex and it is generally most economical to ship via USPS Internationally.  Do let us know the rain chains you elect to install in your home and we will process  your order.   Our shipping costs do not cover your local taxes and any additional tariffs or fees associated with your Country.

Shipping to Canada takes up to a week or more.  Again, our shipping costs do not cover Customs and duties.

Send your inquiries to and we will respond within 24 hours.