Managing Runoff the Smart Way
I’ve lived in the Midwest all of my entire life and usually, the rain and extreme weather often dominate the headlines. Because we get a good amount of rainfall each year, there is an emphasis for me to finding solutions to control rain runoff, as excessive water can be a challenge. A fantastic solution was given to me by a good friend who owns a rain chain. I looked online for rain chains and the results were amazing. There are many practical and simple ways to manage runoff by simply getting a little creative. There is an area in my home where the water from the gutters flows almost directly into an area where I like to grow my favorite plants and flowers. When it rains, it gets over saturated with the amount of water flowing directly into it. As I researched rain chains, I found a lot of easy- to- do ideas to combat this problem. I saw how some had created rock beds in the ground where the rain water could be deposited. I decided to create a small path way filled with rocks that led away from my favorite plants and thus avoid an excess saturation of water collecting in that area. I got my son to get started on it right away. It was very easy and didn’t take much tools or experience. We bought some rocks that we found at a local nursery and began to fill it. They were inexpensive and didn’t require for us to buy a huge bulk. I purchased my rain chain over the phone and the lady was kind enough to answer my questions and recommended a few styles for me based on how much rain fall I get each year. She was very helpful and knowledgeable. I was flabbergasted with all the rain chains available. There are so many beautiful styles to choose from! I really liked the ring rain chain and how the rain makes its way down the ringlets in a cascading water fall effect. The quality is superb, and the gauge is thick just like she said so I know it will last me a very long time. Also, the shipping was really fast and got it in just a few short days which I was really happy about because I was so excited for it to come. I will be recommending your website to my family and friends. I really hope this catches on more quickly. It is a work of art and adds so much creativity and beauty to the home. Lori Olsen | Rockford, IL

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