Two worlds Collide to Create a Dream Home
My husband and I had purchased a home a few years ago, a mid- centuryarchitectural style home and although it needed major upgrades, we immediately saw it’s potential. We couldn’t wait to get started on the renovations. We loved the linear composition of the house, with linear roof angles and high ceiling beams and lots of floor to ceiling windows, providing excellent views of the vistas in the background. In renovating, we didn’t realize how downspouts were not going to be a very welcoming item in our newly renovated home since the linear and raised roof and architectural style would not be an ideal design concept for a downspout. While going through the renovation process and looking though idea books, the architect we were working with suggested link style rain chains. I had never heard of them and told her if she would show me a picture and we decided to go ahead with rain chains. I loved the design and idea behind rain chains. They seemed very modern and open in design which goes with the theme of our home. I learned it was a Japanese invention so that was an interesting concept to add to our home. We wanted a very airy, open and clutter free contemporary home so rain chains seemed to fit the mold. It has definitely made all the difference in helping us create the home of our dreams after years of dreaming. After installing the rain chain, in our front courtyard, our landscaper created a linear rock swale so that the water from the rain chain would drain into it and re-direct away from our home. We loved that idea! She ordered for us the traditional link copper rain chain. It is quite heavy and sturdy with a very clean, simple design which goes with the theme of our home. We now have rain chains installed all around our home and look great with our mid-century modern home. Thanks for a great product! Suzy Dale | San Francisco, CA

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