Rain Chains- A Delightful Addition for Outdoor Entertainers
My wife and I like to entertain in our home, especially now that our kids are grown up and starting their own families. We recently decided to do some renovations in our home, which were long overdue. We were hoping once we were done putting the kids thru college and saved enough, that we would go ahead and begin the process but unfortunately didn’t work out that way. Years later, we finally had the means to do it and were excited to begin the project. We were looking for an Asian feel to our home with modern amenities. After looking through many look books, we found one that really caught our eye. It was a Hawaiian home and it featured rain chains around a pond like feature in the home. We had never seen them before so we were intrigued. We searched for them online and were fascinated to see the many assorted arrangements. We saw one’s we liked very much on Monarch Rain Chains website called the Kioshi rain chain. We really loved the combination of the links and cups together. We were excited to incorporate these into our home since they are so unique and charming. We also saw how many combine basins or large containers with their rain chains so we decided to also include a basin with our rain chain. It evokes that Zen/Asian feel to it. We didn’t have the means to do a large pond but we would make up for it by adding bamboo trees and lots of greens to our yard to evoke an Asian garden along with a rock creek bed to complement it . We would have the rain chains drain out into the creek bed and have the other rain chains paired with basins. The project is yet to be completed however we went ahead and placed the order for the Kioshi and we were not disappointed. They are so amazing and one of a kind. They look better than what the picture shows. We can’t wait to have our friends and family come over once it is all finished. It will be like owning our own piece of paradise. Ken Dillard | Spokane, WA

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