A spectacular selection of artistic cup and link style downspouts
My husband and I were inspired to redo our front landscaping after watching a home/gardening show a few weeks ago . In the show, they show cased  a rain chain in one of the remodeled homes they were featuring and when it was over, all I kept thinking about was how much I wanted one. Just like me, there were several people at the show who were unaware of the function and existence of a rain chain. The segment on the rain chain was really quick, lasting no more 5 seconds but it certainly left an impression. I don’t remember if they mentioned the name but I decided to do a search on it and was amazed at the popularity of chains on the market. Although you don’t really see them at the stores, like  big chains stores like these, they are all over the net. This was good because it gave me a wide variety to choose from but then, when it came to buying good quality and a good price, doing price comparisons can sometimes be time consuming. I wanted to take my time in doing my research. The good thing is that I knew more or less the kind of rain chain cup style I wanted. I came upon the Monarch Rain Chains website and found a chain that suited my needs and desires. The copper Kioshi rain chain was just what I wanted. It is a perfect blend of links with cups. It seems very Asian inspired and we are looking to work on our yard to complement the Asian feel of this beautiful rain chain. We are really looking forward to seeing the finished landscape, with lots of plants and trees. I’m sure the Kioshi will help pull it together quite nicely. We are excited to get this project going. We love it! Donna Gray | Atlanta GA

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