Monarch Rain Chains- Confidently Fearless
“Great design is a way of life” has been stated by us before and we continue to stand by it.  It serves as constant fuel to reinforce our values, to re-energize us, and provide us with an effortless way of handling, unifying, and caring for every facet of our daily existence. On the other hand, what great design is not is placing limits or reducing it to a stringent and inflexible path of ideas. Great design is exalted and celebrated when it is bold and fearless while at the same time preserving efficiency and its original purpose. Some of the most iconic and revered landmarks and residences in the world demonstrate how bold design and efficiency cooperate together to achieve its objective. When it comes to home design and landscape, it represents an opportunity to unleash your inner force to be brave and confidently fearless. Rain chains provide such an opportunity to express such confidence as it concerns home and design. Rain Chains are an expression of what makes great design a way of life. It connects all of the qualities of great design mentioned above, adhering to them without ever compromising quality. Rain chains offer bold designs while maintaining its original purpose of handling rain water from your gutter in the same manner as a downspout, but done so in a more modern and innovative fashion. Monarch rain chains pure copper Juno medium cup rain chain shown here is one example of going confidently fearless. It is consistent with the industrial look gaining prominence in the domain of home design. It typifies a “warehouse” look, displaying certain patterns, shapes and features that most people would want to conceal in a building. The look is proudly embraced in modern homes today around the world. The Juno in pure copper possesses a grooved pleated cylinder frame that is consistent with industrial textiles and objects. The Juno is a fabulous functional artistic downspout! For a larger cup, Monarch rain chain offers a pure copper Heirloom rain chain. It is truly a stand out piece as it is pays a special acknowledgement and regard for geometrical lines. The cup shows a seamless integration of two geometric shaped features crossing together, the triangle and square, to form a perfectly shaped cup. Its diamond links accessorize it in a balanced manner, adding a fuller geometric effect that provides both function and style to any home. In this New Year, why not be bold and daring and do something you’ve never tried for your home. As design continues to celebrate and embrace modern technology, it does so in a way that never compromises efficiency and purpose. After all, that is what design is about. Do not be afraid to travel the path with imagination and openness. That is where greatness is realized.

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