Rain Chains Bring About a Freedom of Personalization
I have been eyeing the hammered cup rain chain for some time now. What has always captivated my attention especially when it comes to details and decorating is combining elegance with a bit of edge. When I look at the hammered cup that is what I see, a classic beautiful design with an innovative and modern vibe. The hammered cup comes in 5 distinct colors: Copper; Matte black in aluminum, Beaver Brown, Musket Brown, and Pewter Bronze all in aluminum as well. The great thing about the aluminum styles in particular is that they pair beautifully with almost any palette color and style of home. The pewter bronze offers a great opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and experiment with textures and colors. The pewter bronze hammered cup rain chain is what I was looking for to add to my rustic, farmhouse inspired home. The liked the edgy-ness of the hue which looks a bit like a gray-metallic color. I wasn’t looking for something to match the home; on the contrary I wanted something quite the opposite yet still elegant; to create a chic contrasting effect but in a complementary way of course. I didn’t want to follow any rules, just my own. The hammered cup has an elegant form with a modern touch to it through the enhancement of the double rings between each up. For me, these small details make all the difference in design. Each cup also has a hammered finish to it, adding a refined touch to it. The Pewter bronze color adds a nice “pop” effect, giving it that bit of edgy-ness that I love. What makes a home is usually found in the details- from stone work to columns, to the lamps and container pots, it all makes a huge difference. My pewter bronze rain chain allows me to further transform my space with the richness and the architectural elements that only rain chains can provide. Melanie Summers Houston, TX


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