Sophisticated design for Contemporary home
I just received my rain chain in the mail a few days ago and just wanted to say how happy I am with the product, service and overall experience of my purchase. I got my rain chain the same week I placed the order and was packaged very well. I couldn’t wait to open it up and when I did, it was even more amazing in person than what is shown in the pictures. If you like the images you see online, I believe you will be even more thrilled when you see rain chains in person. They are spectacular! I ordered the pure copper cascading leaves rain chain bundle. The design is very sophisticated with copper cutout leaves strategically placed on a long chain, where they loosely hang. The leaves are quite flexible and are able to shift around a bit which makes it more captivating. I have mine hanging nicely around an area in my front porch. It made sense to place it there since I have a sitting area with a porch swing so it will be part of my cozy sanctuary where I can escape to during those quite storms and listen to the water come cascading down the chain. I have a rather elevated roof line so it made sense to go with the bundle- set since it comes with an extension piece that I really needed. In addition, you also get a gutter adaptor and a basin, which complements the rain chain quite nicely. What I also like about the rain chain is that the copper colors are not quite uniform since copper’s color is always changing, from bright and shiny to darker tones. The cascading leaves while pure copper is even more stunning because all the leaves colors range in different shades of copper, making it more attractive and charming. Thanks again for the amazing service and beautiful product. Winifred Tran Virginia Beach, VA


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