Upcoming Introduction, Aluminum rain chains in colors and depth & style
Copper rain chains appeal to a certain kind of customer but then there is the modern, whimsical classicist who wants something more unique which hasn’t been out there for years.  We brought in rain chains in natural aluminum finish and black powder coated aluminum to cater to their tastes, and these definitely were appealing and continue to do well  and find homes worldwide.  But these customers wanted more….so we came through and are bringing in a line of eye catching powder coated aluminum rain chains in Colors of distinction. Keep monitoring our site www.monarchrainchains.com for a complete selection as well as our new selection of rain chains and offers and discounts which are amazing !!! We will be celebrating summer this year with a couple of new colors in our most popular rain chain cup style – the hammer cup rain chain. The colors to look out for will be
  • Beaver Brown,
  • Clay
  • Dark Bronze
  • Matte Black- our ever popular color
The dynamic color series in our Aluminum rain chains with their exquisite hand hammer detailing are already creating a buzz in the rain chain world and the earthy hues will enliven your living and out-door space with  immense visual appeal and gorgeous aesthetics.   The colored downspout will  transform your patio into an idyllic summer retreat. Each of our standard 8.5 ft. length comes equipped for installation with a triangular clip as well as detailed installation instructions.  The powder coating process is efficiently done in enclosed areas/spaces so there are no dust particles which adhere to the surface.  The rain chain is then baked at high temperature in an oven so the color lasts and does not flake off. With the immense popularity of aluminum rain chains coming up alongside copper rain chains people are fast gaining awareness on adding on this simple, stylish conversation piece downspout to their home.  The rain water movers or rain chain downspouts are available in link styles and cup styles, both of which are excellent carriers of water.  Just go ahead and check out the one which appeals to your style sense and the architecture of your home and the rain chain will do the rest. More to follow….

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