Rain chain cups look amazing with succulents
Rain chain cups with succulents[/caption] Rain chains have quickly become a prominent feature of many homes today for their ability to carry out a relatively normal function in an artistic and novel fashion. Rain chains are attractive not just in how they function as downspouts but also in the measure of their versatility and endless creativity. Rain chain cups have what many creative minds find irresistible: flexibility in form and function. Rain chains allow free thinkers to find inspiration from the beauty of rain chains to create an ideal space for their home. They are not just limited to just carrying out its normal duty- they are used in many different angles to achieve a look, an experience, a way of life. Some approaches include using rain chains to:
  • Maximize the look of a garden,
  • Create a front home focal point,
  • Accessorize a pond,
  • Create a Zen garden, and many more.
However, many haven’t considered how a rain chain might benefit a home in other ways besides acting as a contemporary alternative to gutter downspouts. Keeping in mind rain chains versatility, consider how the container-like cups (and we have them in 3 sizes) can also serve as a way to maintain small succulent plants inside and operating as a creative plant holder. Rain chains have a big advantage over downspouts because they offer a visual element in both design and spectacle, watching the water cascade down from cup to cup. The cup like configuration also has great advantages, acting as a vessel that can be a habitat for growing small plants such as succulent plants. For those who like the idea of a rain chain but find themselves in an uncompromising living situation where hanging one outside isn’t a choice, rain chains can make their presence indoors as well. With the idea of placing succulents inside a rain chain, it’s an idea anyone can embrace. Growing succulent plants inside is not just a creative idea but it’s a practical one as well. One reason it works is that it serves as a vertical container garden that is spaced out evenly and organized at the same time. This is a great solution if you are limited in space and want the presence of a small garden in your home. The vertical placement not only saves space but also works for small or awkward-looking empty spaces in the home.  Rain chain cups such as the Umbrella copper rain chain , Hibiki copper rain chain, and the Bellcup are arranged in a way that connects to one another through the use of triangular handle bars at the top of each cup, making them the perfect container to hold small succulent plants inside. They can be placed near the entry way of the home to create a striking exhibition or in your living room to create a dynamic display as well. You may wish to place underneath your rain chain a large garden pot with your favorite plant or flower so that any excess water used to water your succulents may then fall underneath into the pot to catch the water and avoid messy water falling into the ground. With now a new way to approach rain chain cups and small container gardening, it is the perfect way to spring forward into a new and creative way of gardening.

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