Seasons change as do weather patterns but rainchains will stay
Mizoko RainChain Bundle[/caption] I wanted to write to express my gratitude and excitement after having received my rain chain bundle last week. My saga begins like this - I’m glad I got around to finally buying a rain chain bundle deal after being undecided for some time. I wasn’t sure how to make a rain chain work in my home since I have no experience in landscaping or decorative experience of any kind, however I really loved the look of them and the concept behind their use. I saw some pins that were posted specifically on rainchains and it gave me a lot of helpful tips and easy to do ideas that anyone can incorporate. It comes in handy for people like me with no vision of how to put things together in a home. I especially liked how the basin and the rainchains formed a symbiotic relationship employed basins and to me it seemed like the perfect way to balance out an area in my home. I purchased the Mizoko bundle deal and just thought the solid looking copper cup looked fantastic with the teardrop links joining the cups. Teamed with the copper hammer basin the final look was just what I needed so I ordered it online and used the $10 coupon and free shipping which was a pretty good deal. It arrived within 4 days, so I went in and checked and noticed they had shipped it the same day, as the website promises. Kudos to the team!!! I had it up right away and had my son help me create a designated rock area with natural stones to add a more dramatic look. It looks fantastic. I am so happy with my rain chain set and also appreciate the discount given for my purchase, which was like the cherry on top. I must mention also that it was quite easy to install. The instructions are pretty simple to understand and it took my son not very long to get it installed. Thanks again for the great service and great product. Since its all solid copper, I know I will be enjoying it for a very long time. Highly recommend monarchrainchains to All !!! Sarah Montgomery | Savannah, GA


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