Grand Entryway with a spectacular copper bamboo rain chain
Copper bamboo rain chain[/caption] We had been looking to buy a rain chain for several months now ever since I saw one featured on a couple of websites. I had been looking through idea books and blogs on how to create a lawn free yard. My husband and I had been renovating our home and one of the projects we wanted re-done was our front yard and entryway to the home. With time and money on our minds for a short duration or at least that applied to the former, we wanted a hassle free landscape that wouldn’t require much maintenance and thus give us more time to enjoy the outdoors with the limited time we usually have. Since we were going for a hardscape look, we browsed through many images and saw a copper rain chain featured in one of them. I loved the look of a rain chain together with the hardscape look of utilizing gravel, rocks and other elements that make up the hardscape look. I browsed through MonarchRainchains website since is one of the places we were browsing through features monarch rain chains, and looking at all the rain chains featured was inspiring. We went with the bamboo rain chain since it was a large cup rain chain and were excited to order it and waited anxiously for its arrival, which was prompt. The copper bamboo tiered cup rain chain was installed once everything was finished. The bamboo looks very modern and evokes that serene and Zen inspired look we were going for. We were impressed with the finish and overall quality. It is made very well and we look forward to enjoying its presence and cascading water effect for years to come. We are confident the rain chain will bring us lasting results and serves as a good reminder to conserve water and use it in a beneficial way. The installation was done in such a way that the rain water runs into a trough for further reuse. We enjoyed our experience with checking details out online and highly recommend the superior service we received from the folks in Chino, California. Margie Dowdall | Freemont, CA

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