A Cascading delight
We have shopped around a great deal for copper rain chains and I found many a beautiful copper rain chain designs all over the web. Guess it has worked it’s way up to becoming highly popular since people are fast gaining awareness and trying to use copper and make a visual statement. I had planned on adding on a rain chain to our home but I was not expecting to buy a whole rain chain set or to use the right terminology a “rain chain bundle”. My mind shifted towards buying a bundle set when I browsed them on Monarch Rain Chains website. I was pleased to know there were bundle sets that give your rain chain a complimentary look or rather enhance the overall effect of rain water. I truly loved the copper cascading leaves rain chain almost immediately and decided to go with that one. It was an easy choice, since this rain chain had much more to offer in terms of design than the standard copper rings. This had copper leaves strung all through the 8 ft. length- what could be prettier !!! Upon receiving it, I loved it even more. I know copper can usually vary in color and tones, some appearing very shiny and often they can become brownish due to the oxidation and exposure to the air, etc. I didn’t want to have too much copper happening all at once, especially with pairing my rain chain with the basin underneath. However, what I received was even more pleasing to my eyes. I loved how the cascading leaves had some minor variation of copper tones and loved the look. I think it looks even more amazing paired with the basin. It definitely gives it more character and I like how it doesn’t completely match the shiny tone of the copper basin. That is exactly the look I was going for. I think buyers should be aware of the nature of copper and how it comes in a variation of tones depending on how long it’s been exposed due to oxidation. If you take a look at pennies you will notice the same effect on them. That is the natural beauty of copper. I’m really happy with my purchase and have already recommended your company to friends and family. My family and I appreciate your response to all our email queries and your patience in assisting us with placement of this order. We definitely are one of your most satisfied customers. Janette Townshend | Seattle, WA

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