Appreciate the hard to come by “Great contemporary style rain chain”
I just received my black aluminum cube rain chain and it is just perfect for my home. I love the eye catching arrangement of multi cups and their perfect functionality of transporting the rain water throughout the chain. It gives it a real architectural dimension to the home. My home is quite contemporary and is stark white with grey accents so I was looking for something to contrast against it with a darker tone. I really liked the black matte finish, and I didn’t want anything too shiny looking which is why I went with this color tone versus copper although the copper styles are stunning. Even though it is made of aluminum material which I know may not last as long as the copper it has a great texture and weight to it; it is quite the sturdy material and I was well pleased with the quality. I’m hoping the paint/color won’t wear off. I called in to find out a bit more about the color used and they assured me that the color will not wear off but over time but like all materials the weather elements will affect it. Copper lasts a lifetime but the beauty of this ebony black cube rain chain was hard to resist so I went ahead with the purchase. The website was quite impressive as the selection is quite huge. I’m looking forward to seeing what other styles you will add in the future. It was very easy to navigate and was broken down in a very easy detailing and it was easy to find categories of your inventory. Thanks so much again for great service. My family and I love our new cube rain chain and before I forget to mention, the basin with the copper band was a perfect accent piece, so the choice was simple and easy to make. Richard May | Raleigh, NC

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