The Nature Conservancy
Monarch Rain Chains is happy to have been selected to collaborate with The Nature Conservancy in helping support their noble cause. We extend our support of your operation and the countless participants around the world who help make your mission a continued success. As part of our collaboration, we are pleased to offer our pure copper Tara Rain Chain to be included at your auction. Our classic and timeless Tara Rain Chain is a suitable item to be auctioned at your event given the quality of work that The Nature Conservancy oversees. The Rain Chain is an advanced design concept of a sequence of tapered cups connected together with classic spiral links which helps encourage recycling rain water for outdoor use and thus make good use of our natural resources. The Tara Rain Chain is made of pure natural copper and is considered an eco-friendly product. The nature of rain chains is to provide a visual and innovative way of managing and collecting rain water for further reuse for your home. Many have expressed their satisfaction and approval of such beautiful innovation which was discovered hundreds of years ago in Japanese temples. We sincerely hope that the recipient of the Tara Rain Chain will be counted among the many that are satisfied and inspire others to help do their part in conserving our natural resources.

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