A Season of Giving Thanks
Is it true that where you shop says a lot about you? It may or may not. You could also say it says a lot about who you may be shopping for. Whatever the reason you may be shopping, the fact that there are millions of retail outlets everywhere somehow makes us feel restless when it comes to narrowing our choices and selection. For some of us, there are always our go-to places that are at the top of the list- the No-Fail place where we are sure to find what we are looking for. For others, it feels more like wandering aimlessly hoping the cosmic forces direct our feet to exactly where we need to be. This holiday season, we want to be your go to place when it comes to picking out your holiday gifts for friends and family. If it’s true that where you shop says a lot about you or whom your shopping for, than shopping at Monarch Rain Chains is a really good thing! Here, the ideas behind our products are laced with innovation, imagination and practicality that serve to bring creativity to everyday life. Let’s be real: that is not something you find easily or just anywhere. Our products say: I am original. I am creative. I serve an ingenious purpose. How can you beat that! This thanksgiving, were thankful for many reasons especially that we can continue offering an ever growing selection of premium copper and aluminum rain chains. Here are a few reasons why we are thankful for the ingenious idea behind rain chains:
  1. Visual presentation
This is probably the main reason we appreciate rain chains and why just about everyone else does. A customer said it was fun seeing how the rain chains worked during the recent rains in California. If you love the rain, you’ll appreciate it even more when it makes its way into a rain chain.
  1. Lifetime Value
Our Rain chains are made with the highest quality metals, pure copper and pure aluminum. What you get is a finely crafted metal chain that can withstand the harshest weather elements long enough to enjoy for years. The result is a great return on your investment.
  1. Customer Satisfaction
We love to get feedback from satisfied users because it makes us feel satisfied in knowing others enjoy the benefits of rain chains and love them. And it should especially make the husbands feel good too because as the saying goes: “Happy wife, happy life”.
  1. Landscape Decorative
Rain chains are flexible enough to serve multi-purposes. While its main purpose is to direct rain water from the gutters, a bonus is its decorative component that enhances the home. It adds an attractive and highly creative element to the landscape of the home that is easily achievable.
  1. Eco-Friendly
Rain chains promote an awareness of protecting our environment and helping sustain it. Whether collecting rain water for watering outdoor plants using basins or thru other means, rain chains help encourage smart ways to use our natural resources and save water. Visit our website www.monarchrainchains.com and browse thru our expansive inventory of premium rain chains and join the growing circle of “thankful” rain chain fans!


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