Go For the Savings This Cyber Monday
Keep calm and shop Cyber Monday deals! If you’re like many and looking for a good deal this holiday season, you may want to skip the madness of black Friday all together and take advantage of Cyber Monday. It’s a second chance to save big on those items that are currently on your wish list- and who doesn’t love second chances! Monarch Rain Chains is no stranger to offering you incentives when it comes to your rain chain purchases. Because who doesn’t love the combination of savings with something they have an affection for? That’s what we like to do. This Cyber Monday, browse through our exceptional line of decorative premium copper and aluminum rain chains and find the perfect gift for a loved one or a gift to treat yourself this holiday season. Our rain chains offer you premium quality and value for your buck. Elsewhere, expect to over pay for copper plated products. Our products however are solid in material using only pure copper or aluminum metals. Your purchase of our rain chain products means a lifetime of value so you know you are always getting a good deal no matter what. We are offering rain chain bundles that contain even greater savings. You get a complete collection that consists of a full length rain chain along with a 3 foot rain chain extender, a basin to collect the water and a gutter adaptor- all made of pure copper! On top of that, you get free shipping. You save big on bundles than if you were to buy them individually. Pictured on the left is our popular Lotus 4 piece rain chain bundle set. Stop thinking about it and go for the savings this Cyber Monday. Feel good about your shopping cart and especially where you are putting your money into this holiday season. You won’t regret your purchase. And if you’re having some difficulty in choosing a rain chain, visit our Facebook Page to read our customer feedback as well as our Instagram and Pinterest page to see images our satisfied customers have provided to get ideas and inspiration for your own home or for someone else. And as always, if you have any questions drop us a message at sales @monarchrainchains.com or call 909-606-2880 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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