Eco-Friendly State of Mind
Being eco-friendly is a term that is often used and one that won’t likely disappear any time soon. It’s everywhere, from clothes to drinking bottles to everyday household items. Having become a word that has been tossed around quite a bit, it likely has lost its meaning over time. Most of us know that an eco-friendly product is not harmful to the environment. However to take it a step further, an ecofriendly product goes beyond consuming it. It is supposed to lead us to adopt a lifestyle with a certain intention. It’s about living life with a purpose and how we live. New Years is upon us and if you’re like most people, you probably feel good about setting goals, resolutions and living life with more intention. If you haven’t had much time to give it some thought, consider becoming more conscientious about the environment. It is always a worthy goal that benefits everything and everyone in this planet. How do you start? Becoming aware of how you consume and waste goods is a start. Take small steps in recycling material around the house into appropriate disposal receptacles. Learning to consume items that cause little harm to the environment is another step. Most store bought items have eco-friendly labels that are easy to identify. With natural resources, it’s a bit different. Water is a resource that requires a lot of energy to produce with a lot going to waste. However, there are many ideas to adopt to save water. Consider a rain chain for your home. It’s a beautiful way to adorn your home and easy to collect the rain water from it. Since water is a precious resource for many, the idea of recycling water has quickly caught on. Rain Chains unique form and function naturally promotes recycling the water. As consumers install their rain chains, it feels very natural to add a basin underneath the chain to enhance the overall look of the chain. Consider Monarch’s Cascading Leaves Pure Copper Bundle. It is a highly esteemed choice among consumers as the lovely detailing on the leaves creates a fascinating vision as it cascades down 11 ft. long. It’s a great first step in saving rain water for multi-purposes around the house. And it adds an architectural element to your home as well! You can always add your own basin as well. Areas of high rain concentration may consider a rain barrel. You may purchase the Cascading Leaves Rain chain and later add on a catch basin of your choice. Monarch’s Pure Copper Cascading Leaves Bundle comes equipped with the following items:
  1. 8.5 ft. Pure copper Cascading Leaves Rain Chain
  2. 3 ft. Pure Copper Cascading Leaves extension
  3. 18”inch Pure Copper Hammered Anchoring Basin
  4. Gutter Adaptor
 This new year make it a year of intentional living and feel good about doing your part to help conserve the environment for future generations. We all depend on each other to creating a healthier environment for all.

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