Fall-owing Your Path
Achieving your vision of the perfect home is about tying together many of the things that you love into a setting that is well balanced. Looking at an impressively amazing space, you’ll find that the simplest things are often what help complete a look. A major innovation may change the structural bones of a home however it’s the accent pieces that make the home and add the finishing touches to completing the look. Rain Chains are an example of how something quite simple yet visually exquisite can make a difference in improving and enhancing the space of a home. Browse and shop our Fall Sale of pure copper and aluminum rain chains and while you’re at it, why not start up the conversation with your friends about the beauty and functionality of rain chains. Aluminum Hammered Cup in Musket Brown Copper rain chains remain highly attractive in both appearance and quality. Many are drawn to the natural characteristic of copper which transitions from a shiny copper to a darker brown patina as it oxidizes over time. This change of color texture blends beautifully with natures organic hues found everywhere in the outdoor landscape. However, aluminum rain chains have consistently increased in ranking when it comes to selecting a rain chain for the home. Our selection of aluminum rain chains available in various color tones have made them an alluring choice for homeowners who wish to color coordinate their rain chain with their homes color scheme. As the fall season is quickly approaching, there has never been a better time to get into the mood for an outdoor transformation to pull together your homes outdoor scene. Browse our selection of 45 styles and share with your friends and family all of the excitement of rain chains. Many have already shared their pure enthusiasm and enjoyment of rain chains with friends on Facebook and Instagram. We’d love to hear your feedback. Share with us and the world why you love rain chains and Tell us how you’d like a rain chain to transform your space by visiting our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. Happy sharing!


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