Summer is coming…. Game of Homes
Just to state the obvious: The country, especially the west coast, has been in drought for at least four years. Four years is a long time and some have already cut back water usage around their home (whether for personal use or for maintenance use) and some have not. We all should do our part and if you are in that latter category and are considering ways to cut back on water usage there are a few options to consider on the home maintenance front. Artificial turf is on the front radar as cities are handing out huge incentives for removing grass and replacing it with turf. If you have been affected by the recent droughts affecting parts of the country, you should definitely consider this option. Planting drought tolerant landscaping (stones, small wood chips. etc) are another form of addressing the drought. At the end of the day, shower less and don’t turn your faucets on all the way if you don’t have to – last but not least, try and recycle any rain water that may come your way. Now that the serious stuff is out of the way, let’s talk about pretty ways of recycling….and while you’re at it, create your own paradise with a copper gutter downspout nee rain chain. While there are many outdoor decorative items on the market not very many can offer utility other than to superficially adorn the exterior of a home. Rain chains were designed and made to be the exception to the rule. Rain chains, or gutter downspouts as they are often called, possess both the ornamental and functional components that have been bringing excitement and awe to homeowners all over the world. Many might believe that rain chains are best suited only for archetypal contemporary or custom made homes – we strongly disagree. The wide array of rain chains available on in its many designs are made to outfit and compliment any home regardless of style. The typical home today has many guises and no home can be categorized as your “typical” or “standard American home”. Whether it is Traditional, Cottage, Colonial, Mediterranean, Contemporary, or Mid-Century, there is always something quite unique about each home and possesses certain characteristics that make it special – just like a fingerprint. As with any home over time, upgrades and personal touches are added to the mix – reflecting the homeowner’s personal characteristics. Rain chain not only provide a perfect accent to any home but it also enhances its already distinct charm and beauty it possesses to a whole other dimension. Due to its matchless nature and form, it brings a refreshing touch to any outdoor setting that carries over to its consumers, bringing joy and a sense of tranquility. A rain chain can be utilized in many creative ways. Some may choose to make a rain chain the focal point of their home while others may incorporate a rain chain into an already existing professionally designed landscape as a way to enhance it or “tie it all together”. A rain chain comes in many shapes and sizes that it becomes an enjoyable way of creating your own oasis right in your back yard or your front entryway. There are many creative ways of points of installation, and some of our more ornamental gutter downspouts are installed as a visual enhancement for car ports and driveways. The pure copper cascading leaves is an artist’s interpretation of an exotic rain chain which functions as a beautiful rain water carrier from the gutter. Rain chains, paired with Monarch’s pure copper basins or even larger barrels, form part of a large community of eco-friendly products that encourage taking up water conservation measures to help sustain our environment. Being an eco-friendly product, rain chains pose no threat to the environment and pair together perfectly with other water conservation methods such as the aforementioned rain barrels and swales to form a dynamic display and architecturally sound system of smart water usage for your landscape.


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