Celebrate July 4th the Monarch Rain Chain way
“Health, contentment and trust are your greatest possessions and freedom your greatest joy” is how the old Buddhist saying goes. Fourth of July and its significance does not deviate far from this old saying. Our history traces back to these fundamentals with the founding fathers holding the pursuit of happiness, life and liberty to be at the core of these beliefs and the spectacular fireworks often being at the center of this celebration. Classic and elegant pure copper rain chains offer a dazzling and beautiful display outdoors in your home where you can enjoy them year round. While summer season is ongoing and the much needed and refreshing rainy season is not due until a few months you can still enjoy the architectural element of rain chains and appreciate the display they bring to your home as well. With about 40 styles to choose from, our selection is like a firework display with an assorted styles and colors to choose from. From shiny and rustic copper styles, to aluminum and color tinted styles there is something that everyone can enjoy that will enhance and complement the exterior façade of the home. Rain chains do not require you to upgrade your entire gutter system. Rain chains only require you to remove your gutter downspout and replace it with a rain chain. Each rain chain is equipped with a triangular gutter clip that allows you to hang your rain chain from your gutter hole. This facilitates the installation process which doesn’t require you to purchase additional hardware or tools for installation. Everything is pre-assembled so your work is cut out for you. Don’t forget to look through our complete rain chain bundle sets which contain all the necessary pieces and accessories you will need to boost and put together a unified rain chain set. They offer great savings and value for those wishing to adorn and enhance a special niche in the home. Rain chains add just the right amount of embellishment and poise to outfit any home in a subtle yet notable way. Celebrate 4th of July this year and honor the servicemen and women of our county and mark this occasion by installing a rain chain in your home and enjoy the pleasure it brings into your life. A Spectacular Display of Rain Chains – July 4th Fourth of July is notable for its firework displays, barbeques, family time and outdoor festivities. However, one thing that comes up in most people’s minds is fireworks. There is something about the display that gets everyone roused up and excited. It is what most people look forward to as the day draws to a close. A rain chain is like a firework display. It revives and gets people excited whether it’s raining or not. Many testimonials of those who have purchased rain chains exclaim how exited they are at the display of their rain chains. While firework displays last a night or a few hours, rain chains offer a display that is unmatched and everlasting. Its art like display moves people and incites them in a way that offers delight, joy and pleasure all year round and for years to come. Like fireworks, rain chains come in an array of 40 styles, sizes and colors. From the most modest to the most ornate there is a style for everyone regardless of your taste and home’s structural type. Our copper styles vary, from shiny copper, rustic non shiny copper to green patina finish. And let’s not leave out our aluminum color styles including black matte finish and those available in powder coated finishes in natural aluminum, dark brown, beaver brown and dark bronze. In addition to these options we also offer rain chains in a variety of cup sizes ranging from the medium cup to large and x-large cup sizes as well as a variety of link styles. And because your needs vary, we encourage you to also look through our rain chain bundle deals that contain all the extra accessories you may need and desire to complete your 8.5 foot rain chain in a special  alcove in your home. Many projects take off utilizing the components contained in a rain chain bundle set to create a special design or strategy for a landscape. Ranging from simple to more elaborate designs, a rain chain can serve as the special touch needed to create the look you are hoping to achieve. Bundles are a great way to save and add value to your home.


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