The Past and Present: Two Worlds Synchronizing For a New Creation
Monarch Akira Rain Chain[/caption] The concept of eternity is one that expresses the absence of any barrier, irregularity and incompleteness. It is not marked by time, an instance, phase or occasion but rather embraces what was, what is and what will be in a unifying and complete way. The past is often labeled with an unenthusiastic connotation, especially when we live in a world where technology moves at swift speeds and sprints forward to the future leaving behind the things of the past. For the creative world of home design, the past is tapped into as a pathway to look ahead into the future. It is a new way of combining the previous and present to embrace what will be. The same can be said of rain chains. To describe a rain chain is to actually take a glimpse of the past of what was. It is an example of how technology of the past is being used today to bring utility and beauty for the home, adopting a visionary approach towards the future and how it will serve them. It is simply a way to look ahead into the future without leaving the past trailing behind. It is a beautiful way of two worlds merging together, the past and present to give birth to a future of endless possibilities. It is a unique mashing that allows both performance and beauty to accomplish its duty in a corresponding and interrelating way. A rain chain is a form of technology. It is a creative method introduced by the Japanese over one hundred years ago to achieve the purpose of moving water from temple roofs and then reusing the water. Today, that concept is nothing new. Downspouts are a means of achieving this however the line of methodology used in rain chains is incomparable. Creative Ways of Installation : No rain chain design is the same just as no home is ever the same. Each home design has its own characteristics as well as dilemmas and needs. Each rain chain we offer has something to offer your home to enhance it while at the same time addressing the gutter needs of your home.  Acknowledging the amount of rain your area receives is paramount in selecting the appropriate rain chain for your home. The rain chain sizes are divided into 3 classes depending on your needs as well as link chains as another option. If your home does not have gutters in place and you are delighted by the innovation and inspiration it offers, you like many in the past have the resources you will need to install one in your home. You are just one click away from finding many resources online. Many websites today offer solutions, pictures, tutorials and examples of how to address this problem so that you can enjoy all the benefits a rain chain has to offer.  Or you may simply find it all the more exciting and enjoyable in exercising your own creative mind and employing your own ideas to get a rain chain installed. Many gutter companies may also provide useful tips and ideas to how to get the installation rolling. Objectives for Installing a Rain Chain : Monarch Rain chains offer many solutions for homeowners other than to employ them simply for looks. While its design certainly is a huge factor in attracting attention, it’s precisely its design that promotes adoption of other important systems and techniques such as rain water conservation and innovative water usages to benefit your landscape. Many of the creative landscape designs that work harmoniously with rain chains simply don’t work well with plastic downspouts. If your objective is to save or re-direct water, applying rain barrel methods, container systems and swales are a perfect solution. If you are looking to create a unifying look to your landscape or looking to design a one of a kind landscape, a rain chain can provide a perfect solution to this. If it’s simply to enhance your home in a subtle and inexpensive way, a rain chain can do this and so much more. Check our  classic and elegant selection of rain chains at but prior to purchasing a rain chain, keep in mind what objectives you are hoping to achieve and then proceed from there.


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