Introducing a rain chain to your home
Copper Haru Rain Chain[/caption] In terms of style and substance, nothing does more than a rain chain to set the warmth and tone of a home-Introducing a rain chain to your home. Rain Chains are not an entirely new concept, especially in Japan where they originated. However, if you travel to the west, the name still garners questionable looks about what they are. Perhaps you just recently acquainted yourself with rain chains or have been obsessing over them for months now and now you feel ready to take the next step towards adding one to your home. Making a decision to purchase a rain chain requires several key particulars that can make the installation and final appearance a success. Of course your individual taste influences what your final purchase will be and our entire selection of copper and aluminum rain chains offers something for every kind of affection, taste and inclination. Taking into consideration the architectural design of your home is a good place to start as you consider a rain chain design. Because rain chains are quite progressive and modern in design, the concept alone can do a lot to spruce up any landscape. If your home has a modern design, whether it’s a modern craftsman or even traditional craftsman, a traditionalCottage design, Country, Mediterranean, or Stone design, a copper ring rain chain can offer an amazing impression on your home and landscape. The copper ring rain chain is a double ring design that intersects and interconnects with one another. It is a simple ring design with a timeless influence and charm. The interlinked design gives it an ageless and contemporary effect that complements and balances a broad spectrum of home structures like the ones mentioned above.  The copper ring rain chain has remained a top seller among homeowners and has been widely used by architects, designers and contractors in various structures and landscaping projects. Because of its simple streamlined look, it easily adapts to many home designs along with the landscape. The double loop rain chains give the home and landscape just the right stroke in architectural design and visual impact. With the growing awareness of rain chains and the huge drive for conserving rainwater we introduced a range of aluminum rain chains with powder coating for some customers whose taste ranges towards the contemporary.  One such style -The Ring rain chain is also available in a flat black matte hue in aluminum finish. This design pairs great with modern homes, homes with an industrial influence and modern mid-century homes with exterior color schemes ranging from white, dark/light grays, to green hues. Keep checking our website for our new introductions and introduce a rain chain to your home.

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