Labor Day and its significance – efforts to make it a better world !
It’s difficult to know where exactly a country would be if it wasn’t for the work and toil of its millions of workers who contribute their time, talents, skills and immense efforts to keep the country moving and going forward. Without their contributions, everything would come to a halt and everything that we’ve come to know would cease to exist. Labor Day is a day for everyone and our country deserves all the love and support we can give it. Whether we are currently employed, retired, been laid off or looking to work, at some point, we have all contributed to strengthen the development of our economy and work towards its success. During our Labor Day weekend, Monarch rain chains is holding a special Labor Day savings event where you will find select specials on rain chains throughout the site. This is a good time to take advantage of these items before they go back to their original prices. Browse through our inventory of over 45 styles of rain chains to choose from and take home greater deals through special prices. Huge Savings are available : Orders over $150 can enjoy savings of -$10 off plus free shipping. Order over $250 can enjoy a special -$25 off plus free shipping. Order over $499 can enjoy -$50 off plus free shipping. Remember to enter the special code upon check out. Our military personnel are not exempt from this special labor movement celebration. Our military men and women have unselfishly served and have invested not only their time, talents, and labor to allow us to enjoy the economic freedom we have, but have risked their very lives to allow our country to continue brimming with success. As a thank you to our military personnel, this labor day we would like to extend a special military discount to our veterans who have served as a way of acknowledging all you have done and continue to do. Look through our online catalogue and take a look for yourself why rain chains have become the go-to solution for upgrading gutters and check out our popular styles of rain chains, such as the pure copper hammered cup, Lotus, Double ring chain, Mizoko and Heirloom rain chains. All our copper stylish rain chains are made of heavy gauge copper and are easy to install with the gutter attachment clip we include with the rain chain as well as installation instructions. While you are there also check out our new introductions include a color line of hammered cup rain chains, including beaver brown, musket brown, and pewter bronze all made in aluminum, as well as a copper green patina hammered cup rain chain. We also introduced two new copper rain chains, Haru rain chain and the Kioshi rain chain. With over 45 styles to choose from, we are sure it will be part of the excitement of choosing one that is right for your home. This upcoming labor day, work towards removing your unattractive downspouts and replace them with an eco- friendly rain chain and partake in the joy of cascading water as it runs down the length of the rain chain.


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