Innovation Marries Artistry
Rain Chains are a work of technique, craft and ingenuity. They have a way of seizing the mind and stirring the imagination to new depths, expanding horizons and reaching new frontiers never conceived or considered before. While rain chains have graced the world with their presence for well over a century, it is still marveled as quite a breakthrough in the domain of home and garden world -wide. Just as rain chains are slowly but surely gaining recognition among homeowners and landscape designers, it has been a continuous process of new developments and creations that has naturally evolved into an increasing awareness of rain chains on a global scale. With rain chains presence becoming more widely available in the global market, Monarch Rain Chains continues to surge ahead with new developments, launching new rain chain styles every season in addition to introducing new finishes on some of our most popular styles. Earlier this summer of 2015, we introduced warm earthly hues in aluminum in our most popular style: the Hammered Cup Rain Chain. With its timeless detailing and unfading characteristics and design, it makes it the most coveted rain chain to date, followed closely by the ever popular Lotus rain chain and the cascading leaves which is an artistic yet functional rain chain. We now offer the 3 pc. Gutter installation kit © our seamless, worry free installation kit in black powder coated aluminum as well as in pure copper to pair up with the aluminum rain chain. By the end of summer, we continued to surge ahead by introducing new popular cups finished in exotic green patina. This finish offers rain chain devotees a new way of appreciating rain chains. The patina finish is part of the artistic anatomy of the rain chain and offers a new way of appreciating this other dimension of its creative and artistic beauty. The green patina finish is now available in copper Lotus and copper Hammered cup styles in addition to the copper Tulip green patina. With new developments moving along, we are excited to add to the list of newly launched items the introduction of copper basins in green patina finish to compliment the rain chains by the end of fall 2015. As part of our effort to adapt to current trends and offer fresh, innovative ideas to the home, anchoring basins represent a perfect counterpart and corresponding piece to exciting rain chains. They allow for both the basin and rain chain to work as a coordinating and water management system that will bring a new area of concentration and creativity to your home. The KIOSHI is unique in design and will surely be a welcome addition to our new styles with its series of links interspersed by flat copper pails. Stay on top of our latest innovations by regularly visiting our website and stay connected. Visit us on Pinterest and Facebook to connect with us and receive updates on our newest items as they become available.

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