Pewter Bronze hit the bulls eye
I wanted to express my appreciation and satisfaction of my recent purchase of the aluminum hammered cup rain chain in the dark pewter bronze finish. It is just what I was looking for, especially since the finish is a darker/gray shade of bronze that looks perfect with my home. We had been looking for and had seen other aluminum natural finishes but the shades were too light for my liking and we felt it wasn’t a right color fit for my home. It wasn’t until I was browsing your website that I saw the beautiful collection of aluminum link and cup styles and saw that you offer aluminum rain chains. It gave me some hope that I would find something I’d like and after checking the entire selection I definitely felt upon the first glance that the aluminum dark bronze chain would be the one I’d purchase. My home is a modern structure with an exterior paint job in a warm gray color. This pewter bronze finish hit the bull’s eye as the finish contrasts beautifully with the paint job and couldn’t have asked for a better look for our home. I’m glad you offer a variety of aluminum finishes. It gives us folks who don’t have traditional looking home a way to still get what we need for our home without compromising on anything. I didn’t need to compromise my budget or style and that’s great service. Shipping was quick and as stated on the website, the rain chain was shipped the day I placed the order. My package came quite fast as I had ordered it at the beginning of the week and received it that same week. FIVE STARS on quick shipping and delivery. It came nicely packaged with instructions as well so that was another bonus. I’m now thinking of adding a second chain to my home with some kind of basin/urn to have the chain drop into it to make a water display for my back porch. There are so many ideas to turn a rain chain into a beautiful and artful decorative statement to a home. I love it! And so it seems do the neighbors. Have had many asking me questions and am happy to share all my information with them. Thank you for a great product and FIVE STAR customer service. Casper Boswell | Landsing, MI


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