Smart Summer decisions
In just a few short weeks, we will begin a new cyclical summer season that is at the top of many lists among those anticipating its arrival.
  • For many, summer is the season for doing their favorite activities
  • visiting those favorite vacation spots
  • enjoying more time outdoors grilling and barbequing
  • soaking the sun and enjoying all the benefits that this season provides
Summer is also a time of dry climates and for some, a critical time of conserving natural resources. Many cities have been mandated to cut back on water for conservation and drought purposes. This means many lawns will be less lush and green as they normally are, being replaced with synthetic green colored turf instead. Many communities emphasize curb appeal to enhance the visibility and beautifying the city in which we reside. If you live in a water restriction area, you may find the news discouraging, as many communities will need to find ways to maintain their neighborhoods and communities to par in keeping up with curb appeal and maintaining their communities. Even if you don’t live in a water restricted area of the country, you may find yourself looking for ways on how you can support reducing water consumption and adopting a water conservation approach to your everyday living. Here are some ways you can begin now to help offset these changes. Turf Synthetic turf is quickly gaining prominence as many are catching on to the benefits it offers to homeowners. Depending on where you live, if you are affected by the water drought affecting many parts of the country, one great incentive cities are offering are rebates for synthetic turf per square foot. The big incentive here is obviously the water and money you save from watering one of the thirstiest plants around. In addition, you will never have to worry about your lawn turning brown or maintaining it- another cost incentive. Native plants Just because summer arrives doesn’t mean your plants have to suffer, and neither does your landscape. Most plants thrive during the spring time, when weather conditions and the soil are ideal for growth and prosperity. Native plants are a perfect solution for maintaining your landscape in top shape and cultivating a fresh look during the summer time. If you are unsure about which native plants are associated with your area, ask your local nursery about native plants in your local region and begin planning on how to incorporate some native plants in your home. The great incentive about native plants is that they naturally adapt to the weather in your local region so they don’t require much maintenance compared to other plants such as perennials and other distinctive plants that usually require frequent maintenance and water. With native plants, you get a lively, garden fresh look year round. Hardscape If you feel that you would like to keep your natural turf and decide not to go for the synthetic turf route, you may want to consider hard scaping part of your landscape. Hardscape is any surface that consists of paving, concrete, stone pavers and structures, patios, etc. This is another water saving solution as hardscapes require no maintenance other than clearing out debris occasionally. Many landscapes today have patios, pools, and other structures as center or focal points of a home. Consider starting out with small pieces such as a small patio or stone walkways for a beautiful solution. It is imperative we save and reuse rainwater, and we at encourage it. The collection of rain water can be done by replacing your downspout with an elegant copper or aluminum rain chain which transports the water from the gutter and can be further collected in a barrel. It is time we took measures to conserve our resources and help towards a green future.


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