Holiday satisfaction blog- thank you Monarch Rain Chains.
I just wanted to say how happy and satisfied I am with my Aged Curl Cup rain chain. I originally bought it for my brother for a house warming gift and I wanted to open it first before giving it to him so that the quality was what I expected. I didn’t want him to open it only to find out it didn’t look like what I had in mind. Upon opening it, I was extremely pleased with the quality and overall appearance of the rain chain. It was definitely heavier than expected but I guess that should say a lot about the level of the quality of the copper. The cups appear well constructed and feel very sturdy. I was very pleased with the rain chain that I ended up keeping it and bought another one for my brother Alan for the holidays. It makes for such a great gift idea, as it is very original and brings a good welcoming vibration to a  Aged Curl Cup rain chain[/caption] home. I wish there were stores that carried these so that people can get a feel of them in person in case they are concerned about checking it out prior to purchase from the website. The rain chain I bought looks just like it appears on the website. I know most products look nothing like what is shown on the website so I appreciate the quality of the pictures in the website as well. There is ethics and honesty involved when purchasing from websites and am glad monarch rain chains is straight up and honest about showing products as is. The lighting in the pictures is necessary so you get a good understanding of the quality and details/design of the product. Thanks again for a great product. All of the photos on the website look great and my Aged curl cup looks just like the picture shown on your site. I look forward to seeing many more introductions in the future. Karla McDonald St. Louis, Missouri


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