This added a wonderful touch and focal point to our entry garden
I am so thrilled about my new rain chain! And I ordered it and received it just in time for the heavy downpours we have been experiencing. The chain works effectively considering it has been pouring. I wasn’t sure if the chain was going to handle the water since I didn’t check and see if the opening from the bottom of the cup was big enough. I bought the umbrella rain chain. I was concerned I was probably going to have to return it and exchange it for another one but thankfully it turned out to be just large enough and didn’t need to. The copper cup size is just perfect. The mouth is wide enough so it receives a good amount and it looks amazing as the water moves down the chain. I was also pleased to see that the copper material is top grade. It’s quite thick and even if it were to get banged up a bit the copper is sturdy enough to handle even that. The installation was pretty easy; my rain chain was up in no time. It really is a relaxing and comforting apparatus as it is a decorative / functional gutter piece. It really makes rainy days much more pleasing and I look forward to them as opposed to rainy days without it. It makes all the difference. Thanks for a great product and fast shipping. I will recommend you to my family and friends. Jason Miller San Mateo, CA

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