5 Reasons why you should ditch your downspout for a Rain Chain
Are you one of the many who enjoys spending time outdoors in the backyard of your home? If you do, chances are you have probably spent a considerable amount of time and money investing on your landscape. Homeowners are always looking for innovative and eye-catching ways to bring creativity and curb appeal to their homes. Are you someone who isn't afraid to add a touch of flair to those creative projects you tackle on? Perhaps you are looking for original and inventive ways of adding your personal touch to those things you enjoy doing. Are you interested in adding appeal to your home exterior that also brings an added benefit to your garden plants as well? If any of these apply to you, you will greatly appreciate the craftsmanship and utility of a rain chain. Rain chains are Japanese inspired chains that are proven to successfully transport water from your gutters in a beautiful innovative manner. They are a dazzling option to downspouts that enhance the look of your home and benefit your plants as well as provide other solutions to common rain fall problems in the home. Consider these 5 reasons to get rid of your downspout now in favor of an impressive and striking rain chain downspout.
  1. As previously mentioned, rain chains add much curb appeal to the home. Because of their adaptability, they conform nicely to basins, large planters, barrels, buckets or can be made into homemade fountains. In addition, they work beautifully in and around gardens. An option is to add splash blocks to create a small water feature and design element to your home.
  1. Personal delight. This is just one highlight and among many of the benefits of rain chains. As the water travels down the chain, it produces a calming and lovely water sounds that brings personal enjoyment and allure. It conforms nicely to the wind and makes a wind chime sound during those seasonal wind storms.
  1. Water salvaging. Because water is a precious resource, rain chains naturally encourages re-using the water for gardening purposes and for other uses around the home. Attaching a rain barrel with a spigot will allow you to tap into the salvaged water for current or future use to water your plants, yard, and other uses most especially during the dry summer months.
  1. Installation is easy. Every rain chain comes equipped with a triangular gutter hanger that attaches to your gutter outlet/hole. No major tools are required other than a set of pliers to adapt and bend the hanger to your gutters needs. All rain chains are manufactured to comply with a standard gutter in place. If you are not sure you’re gutters are a standard size, gutter reducers are available to fulfill the sizing requirements should your gutters be too large.
  1. No debris blockage. Because traditional gutter downspouts are closed, an obvious problem this creates is blockage of debris. The wonderful thing about rain chains is that the structural design is very much open, eliminating the problem of obstructions. Even during the winter time, ice buildup on the rain chain become beautiful ice formations that will not break down the rain chain or cause it to deteriorate. It adds even more beauty to the overall aesthetic quality of the rain chain.
Things to keep in mind: Depending on how much rain fall you receive and the location of your rain chain, it may be necessary to include a catch basin at the end of the rain chain or a container or barrel to avoid unnecessary flooding and structural damage.  There are many options of readily available barrels or come up with some additional ideas and share them with us to store water.  Adding splash blocks are a good idea to allow water to travel to another direction and away from the structure of the home. If you live in areas where you may experience high winds from time to time, be sure to strengthen your gutters to secure your rain chain in place and anchor the end of the chain to avoid damage to your home.

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