GREAT DEALS ON Monarch rain chains
Copper rain chains from Monarch rain chains gives you "Great Deals" on 100% pure copper rain chains.  Rainchains is a very pleasing and aesthetically beautiful substitute for downspouts.  We urge you to remove your old plastic, unattractive downspout  and replace it with our cup style or link style rain chain inspired by nature's flora.  Our cup styles are almost exotic in their detailing and curves. The wide mouth captures maximum rain water and tapers down gracefully and chanels the water into the next cup ...this water movement creates a majical tinkling sound which is soothing in nature.  The melodious sound of water as it moves from cup to cup can be enjoyed by all. In case your style leans towards chain link design where the water is not contained but gravity causes the water to be transported to the ground...this movement of water results in some splashing as not all the water adheres to the surface of the rain chain.  You could place a rain barrel at the end of the rain chain OR anchor the end of the rain chain with a copper hammer basin and enjoy the beauty it brings to your home.  We highly recommend you weigh down your basin with smooth rocks and place  your basin in an area where there is proper drainage. ALL our rain chains are 8.5 ft long inclusive of the triangular gutter attachment hook...the installation process is quick and the results dramatic !!! Bear in mind that the length of the rain chain can be adjusted as per your  need...all you need is a pair of pliers to remove or add extra cups. 

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