Water Conservation with Rain Barrels and Rain Chains
Being prudent and conservative about water consumption is an undertaking that provides many benefits many have never considered. Exactly what kind of prudence does this require? Usually, the most common answer given emphasizes a negative suggestion of “cutting back” on usage and therefore employing a conservative mindset. Although reducing or cutting back is very beneficial, for many it underscores and places an emphasis on limits and embracing a restrictive attitude that many find discouraging and pessimistic. While many may adopt a pessimistic outlook regarding water and consumption, fortunately we live in a world where creative minds have merged and have come up with inspired ideas on how to be responsible and moderate with water consumption without feeling like you are being restricted. And the benefits from these ideas flow endlessly like the water you are helping conserve. Counties, cities and water ordinances have come up with a variety of suggestions. One of the suggestions being offered today that has risen in popularity has been the use of rain barrels. One example of where you can find rain barrels is http://www.rainbarrelsandmore.com/whiteoak.htm. Here you can find a rain barrel that may suit your taste and needs. You may ask: “What can a rain barrel do for me”? Let’s first consider how a rain barrel works. The idea behind a rain barrels and rain chains is simple. It is a large container that collects water from your gutter outlet, traveling down into the barrel via your gutter downspout or rain chain. With a spigot at the bottom of the barrel, functioning like a faucet to control the amount of water released, it allows you to water your lawn, garden, or rinse off other items in the home. This can be seen as an alternate water system you can utilize without tapping into community/local water supplies. Now that its function is understood, let’s consider now the benefits. Reflect on how much money you can save if you utilize a rain barrel to water your lawn. Since grass is one of the thirstiest plants in existence, using your rain barrel gives you the option of not tapping into community resources and thus saving you that pocket expense. You may even avoid fines from the city, especially in areas that monitor water usage and have adopted state mandates as a result of state droughts. Take into consideration on how your yard and plants may benefit from this as well. Since rain water is naturally free of any chlorine, fluoride and chemicals, plants and other microbes benefit and thrive from it and increase the health of your plants. In addition, allowing rain water to fully soak into the soil helps recharge ground water supplies and protects eco systems that are sensitive. With those two benefits, consider also how it may help in avoiding sewage runoff that may lead to pollution into drainage systems from unregulated downspouts. In the link provided above, you will also find a Flex Fit Diverter set available for sale. It is an automatic rain water diverter system that helps avoid an overflowing rain barrel. One last benefit is the decorative and aesthetic significance it brings to your home. It is a charming piece in a rustic sense that enhances the landscape and allows you to take pride in the exterior and look of your home. While not too many homes have adopted a rain barrel system in their home, be the first in your neighborhood and let it stand apart from the rest. For those dry and not so rainy days, tap into the resource that a rain barrel provides to not only benefit your home but the environment as well. With the many advantages a barrel provides, being prudent, responsible and moderate about water consumption has never looked this smart and so positively beneficial.

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