Upgrade your gutters ....
Efficiency of Raingutters : Over a period of time raingutters tend to develop leaks and water seepage occurs which can damage the walls and in case it accumulates on the ground next to  your home it can damage your home.  Draw water away from the foundation of your home and protect yourself from damage caused by mildew. Upgrade and beautify your home with our pure copper rain chains which are 8.5 ft in length and made of heavy guage natural copper unlike the 6ft  rain chains which some of our competitors offer.  ALL of our cup styles are connected with links so in case you need additional lengths it is a cinch to assemble additional length or remove a couple of cups to give you the perfect length.  We also carry small round rings which can be used as connectors, so do let us know when you need these connector rings.  In case you have some left over cups there are many ways these could be used.  Hang them from the little plants outside your home or on your porch Or alternately purchase an entire new rain chain which compliments the one hanging from your gutter and place it on your porch.  You will enjoy the compliments forthcoming when this is done. Our pure copper cup styles vary in size from 2.5" diameter to 5.75" diameter...so purchase the cup suitable for your home and area.  In areas of heavy rainfall we recommend your pick the Xlarge cups so most of the water is contained within the cup and there is little splashing. Monarch rainchains also carries our signature copper hammered anchoring basins which come with a chain and link to attach them to the end of your copper rainchain and watch the play of water as it runs down the length.  We absolutely recommend  you anchor down the basin with smooth rocks and pebbles. 7WGZKUMQMNHE

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