Top home improvement projects
As you consider doing upgrades to your home, whether they scale on one end of the low budget spectrum to the pricier end, you want to be in the know on what remodeling projects bring in immense value for your home. Many homeowners will attest from experience that certain projects don’t spell success, especially when trying to sell a home. What you thought was a grand idea in installing imported tile from Spain proved as a not-so- hot selling point for your home. In other words, what may be of value to you may not be of significant importance to potential buyers in your neighborhood. To get the most for your money, here are some home improvement projects that get people noticing your home for all the right reasons.
  1. Indoor systems. While it is easy to get too entertained and fixed on giving your home a major boost with an exterior cosmetic lift, first be sure to get all basic and necessary upgrades, replacements or fixtures done first and give it the attention it deserves. You want to be sure your home has a strong foundation before other major construction projects take place such as adding an additional room or square footage. Major indoor systems include heating, electrical and plumbing. This is important since potential buyers want assurance that basic items such as plumbing and heating are functioning properly and won’t have to worry about repairing in the future. Older model homes will surely require upgrades, such as plumbing and roof fixtures.
  1. Outdoor replacement projects. Oddly, replacement projects can boost your home’s value much more than grand remodeling projects. These replacement projects include replacing the garage door, front doors, windows, and siding. Fortunately, for homeowners these projects are the least expensive and add much value and appeal to the home. The average return on investment for these simple, inexpensive projects is more than 70%
  1. Kitchen improvements. The kitchen is usually the place where the family likes to gather and where much activity takes place so naturally the kitchen is usually a top priority when considering doing major home improvement projects and a huge point of interest among buyers. Anything that is done to improve the kitchen will add value. Beginning with a fresh paint job is an important step and should be among the first tasks. Replacing old flooring with tile, wood or travertine is a big plus, along with new sink fixtures, cabinetry and lighting.
A more budget friendly tip to increase your kitchens value is sanding and then painting the walls. Consider also staining your cabinets along with adding new hardware. New countertops and appliances also do much to add value.
  1. Giving your curb appeal a kick start. Many real estate agents and media outlets such as television programs and magazines often emphasize the word “Curb appeal” and how to boost it. It is a telling sign of just how important it is. Curb appeal is what attracts potential buyers to your home and a mistake homeowners make is overlooking this important point. If your budget is on a larger scale and your landscape needs improvement, consider hiring a professional to undertake this project, especially if it needs major work. Curb appeal includes not just the front yard, but the backyard as well.
Those on a smaller budget should consider adding rain chains and catch basins and create a landscaping project around these items. Rain chains are contemporary alternatives to gutter downspouts. Most rain chains can be bought for less than $100 and add much value to the home’s exterior. They are easy to install and instantly improve the landscape of the home as they are incorporated with small scale gardens and rock placements around it. Rain chains inspire a lot of creativity since they offer a decorative element and offer value for your money as they last for a lifetime especially if they are made of copper. Since they are unconventional and add an architectural element to the home, they will instantly attract potential buyers into your home. Rain chains are a great conversation piece since they are gradually gaining awareness. Other ways to boost curb appeal include maintaining the yard clean, clearing visible debris, trimming trees, shrubs, maintaining the lawn clean, trimmed and edged and lining the walkway with solar lights. These provide functionality as well as a decorative element as well.
  1. Adding an additional bathroom. Over the past few years, bathrooms have become more important to buyers as they are in the hunt for a new home. Adding an additional bathroom or even a half bathroom will significantly add value to your home. Adding a half bath can increase your home’s value by 10.5 percent while a full bath can add 20 percent.
A budget friendly tip for those on a lower scale budget can still give their bathrooms a lift by applying a fresh coat of paint, adding new fixtures and flooring. As you consider home improvement projects, one thing to remember is not to overdo it. Many fall into the trap of thinking doing a major overhaul will bring in a huge return on investment. Keep in mind that the value of your home is, to some measure, determined by the value of your neighbors’ homes so it’s important that your home’s value doesn’t significantly go over the standard value of homes in your area/neighborhood.


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