Top 5 Best Seller Rain Chains and Accessories

Monarch rain chains top 5 Best Seller Rain Chain and Accessories:

Hammer cup rain chain:  Classic in simplicity and design this pure copper rainchain is painstakingly hand hammered so no two cups are identical. The 8ft. length is a series of 15 cups and 14 links to efficiently transport rain water through the gutter.  The cups sizes are 3.5 X 2.5 and help capture most of the rain water without a lot of splashing.  The hammer cup rain chain develops a beautiful brownish patina on the surface over time which enhances its appeal.  Definitely our most popular rain gutter chain.  We highly recommend installation with our gutter adaptor kit ©  2nd Best Seller rain chain[/caption] Mizoko rain chain: Representing a unique combination of our contemporary link teardrop style chain with cup design allows for an exceptional piece of  functional craft that will bring out the best of your home’s landscape. The incomparable quality of the pure copper adds great value to your existing gutter system and helps in promoting a green, eco-friendly environment. The wider mouth of the cup allows a larger stream of water to cascade down effortlessly. In addition, the teardrop links provide a mesmerizing visual influence, affecting the overall inspiration the chain has to offer.  3rd Best Seller rain chain[/caption] Ring chain: Bring out the best of your homes character with the pure copper ring rain chain. Simple in design yet providing a strong impression with its sequence of 57 seamless heavy gauge copper rings measuring 2” X 2”.  The water stream flowing down gracefully greatly influences the attraction and beauty the copper rain chain provides. The chain develops a beautiful brown patina on the surface of the unfinished copper which enhances its appeal and the weight and quality of this copper rain chain lasts several lifetimes with minimal clean up.  Definitely popular and fits all home styles, even areas where there is moderate snowfall.  We highly recommend installing the ring rain gutter chain with our 3 pcs copper gutter adaptor kit © for a secure, seamless installation.  Pure copper Cascading leaves rain chain is definitely an artistic version of the basic copper ring rain chain where 92 pure copper leaves are intertwined on an 8 ft. length of rain chain making it a vision to behold as rain water is transported down its length making it one of our top sellers.  The copper leaves tinkle and make a delightful melodious sound as water is transported from the gutter. A beautiful ambience is created when the cascading leaves rain chain is paired with our pure copper hammered anchoring basin which completes the look and makes a dramatic water feature. 14.5 Basin- Rain chain enthusiasts desiring an innovative way of finishing off and emphasizing the look of their chains can find it with the addition of the 14.5 hammered mild steel powder coated basin. Underlining its contemporary surface, including its hammered texture and a sleek copper band to finish the look, it will accomplish the look you desire to bring to your home’s landscape.

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