Summer Special Pure Copper Cascading leaves bundle deal
With the hot scorching summer sun and the need to stay indoors to avoid the heat consider a way to upgrade your downspouts and enjoy the cool tranquility of your home. One definite strong contender for functionally revitalizing your home façade is a pure copper rain chain which is available in solid copper link styles and assorted cup styles. The 100% pure copper cup styles are breathtakingly beautiful as a series of cups are connected together with heavy gauge artistic copper links. Some of the cups are beautifully etched and scalloped and add an artistic flair to your home downspout without making a big dent in your wallet. The selection of rain chains available at Monarch Rain Chains is extensive and you will surely consider the beauty and heavy gauge quality of the rain chain which will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. Our summer selection now includes the pure copper cascading leaves super saver bundle deal which allows you to purchase: Cascading Leaves super saver bundle deal[/caption]
  • Standard length 8.5 ft. cascading leaves rain chain
  • 3 ft. cascading leaves extension,
  • Copper gutter adaptor ©
  • 18” pure copper hammered anchoring basin.
Stylize your home exterior for your loved ones and yourself. As an added bonus to you, receive an extra $10 off your purchase in addition to FREE SHIPPING and enjoy the tranquility and beauty a rain chain has to offer. ***Offer cannot be combined with any other promotion.


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