St. Patrick’s Day Sale at Monarch Rain Chains
St. Patrick’s Day at Monarch Rain Chains[/caption] In the domain of landscaping and the environment, if there is any link or common factor with St. Patrick’s Day it is that it makes us think of Green. Today green is especially synonymous with environmental conservation, environmentally sustainable practices such as recycling, reduced water consumption and reducing the amount of hazardous waste that filters into our reservoirs and other bodies of water. Whether you decide to get into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day this year or not, why not at least get into the other “Green” spirit and do something for “green” sake and help make a positive influence in the world by adopting a practical and sustainable environmental custom of conserving water. Monarch Rain Chains offers practical solutions to do just that with our Rain Chain Bundle deals. This St. Patrick’s Day sale, browse through our selection of various bundle sets offered to you in various rain chain styles and basin sizes at competitive prices and save big with the purchase of a rain chain bundle where you can purchase an 8.5 ft. rain chain along with a 3 ft. extension and in addition to this you will also get a basin and gutter adaptor. Our rain chain bundle sets come with everything you need to fully take advantage of adopting an environmentally sustainable practice of conserving water. Most of our bundle sets come with extension pieces that allow you to extend the standard length of your rain chain. But more importantly, they all come with a basin that provides an opportunity to reclaim the water for later use as well as create a lovely water feature. This is an important action and necessary role of the basins in helping cut back on water consumption in and around the yard and additional storage can be done by creating an underground water tank or by using a barrel. Our bundle sets are available in three different basin sizes all with hammered details and available in copper and mild steel. Along with the rain chain designs, basins are not only functional but they offer an aesthetically pleasing sight that can greatly alter the look of any outdoor space. Our bundle sets also come with a gutter adaptor to improve the stream of water travelling from your gutter down into your rain chain. This can make a big difference in improving the overall performance of your rain chain. The savings on our bundle set prices are fantastic and will have you seeing more green in your wallet as well. This St. Patrick’s Day sale, make it a special one you will remember for years to come.


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