Rain chain for a whimsical classicist to replace the downspout
Contemporary Rain Chain[/caption] I had been looking around to purchase a rain chain that was large enough to contain water without being too large in size. Some say the bigger the better but I was looking for the right size rain chain for my home that would blend nicely with my home. Checked the web for options of rain chains available and was delighted with the assortment available on www.monarchrainchains.com. What I liked most was how the rain chains were segregated by cup sizes and link style options which made it much easier for me to narrow my choices. I checked reviews on the popular styles and noted the large cup  styles has the top mouth wide but the bottom of the cup where the water flows out is large enough as well to release large amounts of water. That is exactly what I needed in a rain chain. Most of the rain chains in the large sizes had that requirement I was looking for. My most favorite rain chain which I liked the most was the pure copper Heirloom rain chain with the diamond accessories/links linking the cups together. You don’t see too many like these with a triangular shaped mouth. It was a perfect contemporary rain chain The cup size was perfect; larger than the medium size cups but smaller than the extra-large cup sizes. What makes it truly a standout are the diamond links attached to the rain chain. It gives it an extra wow factor that is captivating. The overall design is great and the quality is heavy gauge pure copper, not the copper plated variety you see on some websites. I’m really excited to have my friends take a look at it at my next barbeque gathering. I love to look for inspiring ideas to add to my home and this is definitely one of them. This is definitely one of my top five on my list of most inspiring ideas for the home and I highly recommend purchasing a rain chain from monarchrainchains which provides an installation clip as well as clear step by step installation instructions.  My wife and I had our rain chain up in 15 minutes flat without having to call a handyman to assist us. My wife and I always do all our research prior to any purchase and pride ourselves in finding good deals and with assurance I can say we got a great deal on the heirloom rain chain.  An 8.5 ft length for under $100 is a good buy indeed. Charlie Staunton  | Fort Lauderdale, FL

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