Smart Meaningful Decisions – with Pure copper rain chains
Pure Copper Rain Chain - A Smart Meaningful Decisions[/caption] Over the past several years there has been much talk about “Living Wisely” , making smart environmental decisions and supporting the “green movement”. This growing awareness around the world is much needed. But this dismal economy growing at a slow pace is also not supportive in making radical changes. So instead of making huge changes let us start with small meaningful changes. There is something particularly liberating about making changes and decorating the exterior of your home. Upgrade your downspout with a pure copper rain chain and give your home the uplifting appeal without spending the big bucks. Do away with your unattractive downspout and replace it with a beautiful pure copper rain chain and your exuberance with this installation will be palpable to all. Take your pick of our collection of stylish concepts or check out my suggestion which is the copper cascading leaves rain chain. A beautiful assembly of 92 leaves strung on pure heavy duty copper rings handling the downpour efficiently with some splashing adds a beauty to your home at a small price. Plant succulents in a trough which begins where the pure copper rain chain ends and anchor the cascading leaves with a copper wire or almost invisible fish-line so it does not sway in the downpour or during heavy winds. The cascading leaves can also be strung near the porch to compliment the gutter rain chain and will become a conversation piece for your guests and your family. Pure copper is definitely the metal of choice since it weathers beautifully with time. It develops a beautiful eyecatching brown patina on the surface which lends itself to all style home. Besides which it lasts a lifetime. As Fall colors come into play around the world, copper is a perfect complimenting color with the burnished autumn leaves. Enjoy all the seasons, but fall and winter are extra special especially in the West Coast since we get most of our rain fall during this time and what could be a better time to change your downspouts. Or better yet, this holiday season consider giving a meaningful gift like a pure copper rain chain and have your close family and friend enjoy the beauty it brings to your home.

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