Royale Rain Chain - Perfect Gift for Holiday Season
Scaling in a larger dimension, the pure copper Royale rain chain is the perfect gift to challenge any device, any article that might rust, crust or collect dust. While it might not project out any holiday tune in the likeness of a Christmas carol, it does much more than that. It conforms to the natural world and will help reduce your carbon footprint  to bring a soothing, non man-made tune that you will enjoy all seasons of the year. With each vibrant, heavy duty, pure copper etched cup measuring 4.75”h x 5.75”diameter, it will easily catch a large amount of rain fall and transport it efficiently down the entire 8.5”foot length chain. If that wasn’t enough to smile about, it will serve as a great year round embellishment for your home to enjoy for generations to come.  Get into the spirit this holiday season and gift yourself and your loved ones the gift of a rain chain which lasts a lifetime and is a pleasure to behold as rain water cascades down its entire length.

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