Rain chains to enhance and add architectural enhancement to your surroundings
Rain chains are a beautiful substitute for unattractive plastic gutters so why not replace and add a soothing sense of harmony to your home with the addition of copper rain chains.  Check out our selection of assorted styles - this will definitely be a tough task to do since a lot of thought has been put into styling a rain chain which is appealing as it is functional.  Pick from our selection of copper link styles where you could chose a basic link OR one which is so visually appealing it looks like a piece of art hanging from your gutter - our Pure Copper Cascading Leaves which tinkles with a soothing Zen like sound as water runs down it's length.  All our rain chains come in 8.5 ft lengths which is inclusive of a triangular gutter adaptor for easy installation but to ensure proper movement of rain water from your downspout we highly recommend using our gutter reducer which gives direction to the rain water and allows only minimal splashing.  The pure copper gutter reducer is inexpensive and installation is simple but the resulting visual when rain water runs down almost uniformly is a sight to behold.
Be water wise and capture the rain water and conserve and re-use it for watering your garden, hosing your patio,  washing your driveway etc.  The Japanese introduced this concept of rain chains several hundred years ago and called it "Kusari duo" where they collected rain water from the roof of temples through these rain chains and collected it into barrels for further reuse...with many people trying to do their bit for the environment there is special attention currently being given to rain chains especially "COPPER" rain chains which are easy to recycle unlike the unattractive plastic gutters.  Copper is one of the top 10 recyclable metals and has been popular since times immemorial.
So do your bit to support the environment and chose a rain chain to add beauty to your home and enhance your surroundings.

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