Rain Chains - Fall Sale!

The autumnal equinox is officially upon us! You many wonder what this actually means for all of us. As of September 22, we are now under the seasonal realm and treatment of the Autumn / Fall season. As we slowly transition from the summery balmy dry season into a season marked by the crisp and chilled air, chiming leaves, clear sundown’s, with cooler nights, it is no surprise it is a period of the year that is loved by many. It is a significant time of the year that marks a special change in time, with shorter days and longer nights. If the calendar wasn’t enough to notify us of this transitional period, nature has its timing in providing us with signals that colorfully illustrate the transformations unfolding in our environmental surroundings that correspond to this seasonal change.

Fall is a dramatic season that never ceases to spoil us with striking sunsets, clear moonlit nights, extraordinary starry skies, and impressive colors manifested in the foliage around us. It is a season that pierces our senses and draws us to the natural world. Fall also marks a special time of the season to begin embellishing the home and prepare for the upcoming seasons. One decorative item that looks lovely through out the year and never looses its dramatic appeal is the adornment of a rain chain. A copper rain chains not only serves the purpose of managing rain water down your gutter system, but it serves also as a decorative ornament for your home, giving it a stunning visual effect. Monarch rain chains offers you many styles, shapes, arrangements, and sizes. We offer a selection of medium sized cups, large cups, up to extra large cups, all ranging from floral motifs to contemporary styles. With this significant selection, you are sure to find one that will grab your attention, one that will satiate your need to adorn and enhance your home- not just for the time being but year round.

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