Rain chains bring a new meaning to your rainy days
Rain chains provide you with a whimsical and unique way to enjoy your rainy days by bringing delight to your senses as you watch and hear the water cascade down the length of the rain chain. Yet another benefit is that is also serves as conduit for channeling rain water, thus giving you a good reason to upgrade your gutter downspouts. Rain fall usually draws most people away from the outdoors, but rain chains creates an unusual way of drawing you out of your home and into your outdoor patio or space to enjoy the soothing sounds of the rain water making its way down the chain. It creates a Zen like atmosphere within your home creating a sense of tranquility so you do not crave the need to go outdoors. Copper is the choice material for a rain chain, as it has a higher recycling rate and lasts for a lifetime with little maintenance. The beauty of the rain chain comes in the form of its designs as well as its functionality. With as many as 36 styles to choose from they provide a unique contemporary touch to your landscape. As rain chains have been quickly making their presence known in the U.S. over the last decade, they have a long standing history in Japan. They first originated in Japan over 100 years ago and have succeeded in garnering a global influence. Rain chains are quickly becoming the customary way of replacing traditional downspouts and transforming landscapes into beautiful and visionary homes.


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