Rain Chains Adding Harmony to your home
Rain chains originated in Japan many decades ago and was a series of links or a series of cups interlinked to transport water from the roof for reuse.  It seems much thought was given to the development of rain chains because besides being an efficient way of bringing water from the roof to the ground the movement of water created a sense of tranquility with the sound it made.  In today’s busy world we all appreciate and look for tranquility in our home and with the simple addition of a copper rain chain you can enhance and upgrade your home as well as create a water feature which is mesmerizing as the movement of water works its way down the links and cups. Our new introduction of the rain gutter adaptor kit ™ which comprises of a rectangular copper plate 6” X 4.5” which sits flush and provides stability to the gutter adaptor/reducer which is easily installed with the help of bolts to hang rain chains.  We recommend sealing the corners with caulking to prevent any seepage of water.  The cross bar debris collector prevents dry leaves from going down the length of rain chain and the process of cleaning and tossing away the dry foliage is easy.Custom length rain chains can be installed worry free with our gutter adaptor kit and in areas of moderate rain we recommend these.  Keep in mind the end of your rain chain should be anchored to the ground away from the foundation of your home especially in areas of wind.  Do not allow the water to collect near the foundation or it will damage your home.  It would be wise to collect the water in barrels for further re-use. Monarch rain chains offers a beautiful mix of cup and link styles so depending upon your area select a suitable rain chain…a medium cup, large cup or xlarge cup.  We have enough sku’s for you to chose from.  Our rain chains are made of heavy guage pure copper and last a lifetime.   Most styles are untreated with chemicals and their natural copper appearance is enhanced over time with the thin film of brown patina which forms on the surface and adds to the appeal of the rain chain.  Our rain chains are classic in shape and style and never go out of style so check out our selection at www.monarchrainchains.com   and enjoy the harmony it brings to your home

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