Rain Chains - A Functional Accessory for your home
Rain chains were invented by the Japanese many centuries ago and this concept of rain chains is fast gaining popularity globally. Rain chains are used for collecting rainwater from rooftops for further reuse …the process is simple; rain water flows down from the roof over the links and cups, and is collected in the barrels. The rain chain consists of a series of links or series of cups connected together. Each cup has a wide mouth or receptacle and has a small opening at the bottom which guides it to the next cup or link and so on till it reaches the bottom and can be stored in a barrel. This perfect movement of water down the length of the rain chain produces a melodious sound and the beauty of the moving water is breathtaking. Rain chains add beauty and character to your home and we urge people to upgrade their gutters and remove the ugly plastic downspouts and replace them with copper rain chains. Copper is 100% recyclable and we urge you to support the eco-system and do away with plastic manmade products and replace them with copper rain chains. The copper rain chains do not react with water but over a period of time acquire a beautiful brownish green patina on the surface with the oxygen in the air and this adds to the beauty of the rain chain. The movement of rain water down the length of the Copper rain chain enhances the musical sound created. Rain chains are available in several sizes and shapes…we have medium cups, large cups and X-Large cups for areas of heavier rain fall. Most of the water will get captured in these cups but there will always be some splashing. Depending upon the rain in your area we recommend you pick your cup size. All our cup styles have a wide mouth to capture most of the water and narrow down to a small aperture or outlet. All our rain chains come equipped with a triangular gutter attachment piece and installation instructions as well so installation is quick and relatively simple. In case your gutters are higher than the normal 8 ft length we recommend you buy the additional length if available in an extension or purchase an extra rain chain and in this case we suggest you purchase our copper gutter adaptor kit™. It strengthens your gutter and hanging the rain chain from the bolt is simple and effective. Use the left over cups as ornamentation and hang them from a hook or from the bough of a tree. You will be pleased with the finishing touches rain chains bring to your home. For more information, please visit www.monarchrainchains.com

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